We had NCG do some renovations on our home at Beecroft. The result was out of this world and has increased the value of our home. Unlike some builders, NCG were always on the job, discussing the progress and any issues that would come about.

Bede and Patricia Long, Malton Road Beecroft


A passion for your place

We are passionate about residential environments and we understand the need for delivering quality workmanship in the place where you live your life.

We also understand budget restrictions and we aim to deliver the very best results according to your available budget. We believe that the best solutions aren't necessarily the most expensive.

Domestic living environments are not only functional spaces – they're an expression of our personality and family life. NCG aims to help you realise your vision for the place where you live.

If it is an extension to your home, we endeavour to make the new section a seamless extension of your existing home by meticulously matching finishes and detailing. If you require renovations, we aim to improve the space, making it more functional, but retaining the existing character of the house. If it is a completely new construction, we aim to execute your vision to the highest possible standards within your budget.

We love building and we care about quality.