NCG commenced work on site as agreed and completed the project on budget and surprisingly ahead of schedule.

Felicity and Ryan, Normanhurst

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See photos for our latest Granny Flat project. More progress photos to follow.

How NSW Construction Group can help

At NSW Construction Group it is our business to make the construction of your Granny Flat as pleasant and non-invasive to the household as we can. The aim is to come in, set a pace with you and then get on with our job; leaving you a decorative and sustainable property in your backyard on our departure. As this website serves to show, on top of the costing and design of a Granny Flat, there is a sophisticated series of provisions and requirements that must be met. They are indeed the most important component of the construction phase – which is why at NSW Construction Group we work closely with our associate partner FBCC to ensure a pleasant clearance for the construction of your Granny Flat.

FBCC is a local company that has serviced the North Shore since its conception in July, 2005. The Company's aim is to certify construction that is in accord with the BCA and CDC, drawing on the experience of professional , experienced workers.

In working with NSW Construction Group and the FBCC you can expect a clearance for your Granny Flat construction that has: