NCG made several suggestions to improve the result and we were more than surprised to see that they did not add more onto the quotation for this added advice or help, it was all part of their excellent service.

Bede and Patricia Long, Malton Road Beecroft

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Recent Granny Flat projects

See photos for our latest Granny Flat project. More progress photos to follow.

How to apply for a Granny Flat

The procedure for the approval to construct a Granny Flat involves lodging a Development Application (DA) with the Local Council. The DA must be approved so long as:

This does not imply that lots under 450 square metres are not permitted to construct Granny Flats – they are simply matters of situation presented at the time.

The new legislation permits approval within 10 days so far as the provisions set in the ARH-SEPP are met.

There are some special cases and exceptions to keep in mind:

Most residential zones are open to the Granny Flat provisions, however this does not apply to rural residential zones.

As with houses in the NSW Housing Code, certain areas that have a heritage or environmental sensitivity are not permitted to construct Granny Flats.

Some further provisions – which does not mean construction is not permitted, but requires further paper work, include:

A Granny Flat within a house or an In-Home Granny Flat with an external entrance.
Granny Flats attached or detached with the nature of alterations that: