NCG made several suggestions to improve the result and we were more than surprised to see that they did not add more onto the quotation for this added advice or help, it was all part of their excellent service.

Bede and Patricia Long, Malton Road Beecroft

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Our experienced carpenters do it right the first time

NCG tradesmen are experts in all aspects of carpentry. Our carpenters have exceptional experience, with some of our team having notched up 25 years plus in the trade.

At NCG, we appreciate the increasing importance of timer resources for our environment. We strive to use timber in sustainable and environmentally responsible ways, while getting the most out of timber for your project.

Despite the years of experience our tradesmen already have, we encourage our carpenters to continually learn and improve with supplementary training, such as attending events like the Working with Wood Expo.

Our carpenters can help you with:

Our work and any frames are cut on site using the latest, most accurate power tools. They are constructed in accordance with AS1684.2-1999 Residential timber framing and construction. We ensure that our frames are always engineered accurately, level, plumb and square – carpentry is as much about accuracy as it is about an end product that looks good.

What you can expect from our carpenters